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Please use this page as a way to begin creating your fur coat!

Please read the instructions on how to use our coat templates to create your own design.

You can also send us a picture of any coat design that you find on the internet.

Genuine Fox Fur

Full Length Coat (Goes to your waistline)

O-Neck Collar

Hooks Inside To Close Coat

Inside Material: Polyester

Thickness: Fluffy & Soft

Pockets: 2 Pockets

Sleeve Length: Full

Gender: Unisex

Tailored to your specific measurements

Custom Fur Coat

  • Deisgn your fur coat in 3 simple steps:

    • Take a screenshot of your favorite coat template and a screenshot of the fur chart.
    • Then, open your notes app. Create a new note. Write out every section you see on the coat template (ex: 1, 2,3,4..) and then write out the fur color number next to the section you want that color to be to placed.
    • Contact us for a price quote!
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